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EP#87: A Meaningful Space

October 23, 20231 min read

Meet Good Neighbor Janelle Azar with A Meaningful Space.

Have you ever wondered how the power of decluttering and organization can transform your life? Discover it in our fascinating conversation with Janelle Azar, founder of A Meaningful Space. Janelle brings an innovative perspective to the world of organizing, offering unique solutions for busy families, moms, and entrepreneurs to create functional and welcoming spaces. She's passionate about making her client's homes not just clutter-free, but meaningful, creating a safe, non-judgemental environment where individual needs are met, and practical and sentimental items are balanced. We'll demystify the organizing industry, dispelling myths and misconceptions.

Janelle's journey doesn't stop at organizing. She's an ardent outdoor enthusiast, book lover, and national park visitor, and we'll get a sneak peek into her personal passions. Our conversation plunges into her pivotal transition from corporate commitments to entrepreneurship, an insightful story that's truly inspiring. She firmly believes in organizing as a catalyst for reducing stress and an investment in well-being. As we wrap up, you'll learn how to reach out to Janelle and discover more about her life-changing services. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to create your own meaningful space!

A Meaningful Space is a professional organizing company based in Shelby Township, MI that serves the metro Detroit area. Owner and professional organizer Janelle Azar specializes in residential organizing services for moms and families that are tailored to each client’s home, routine, and lifestyle.

Janelle helps people achieve order, organization, and purpose in their homes by decluttering, creating routines and systems, and organizing spaces so they can focus on the things that make life rich and meaningful.

A Meaningful Space

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