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EP#90: Columbia Blinds of Michigan

November 05, 20231 min read

Meet Good Neighbors Kelly and Nic with Columbia Blinds and Shutters of Michigan

What if your window coverings could be more than just an aesthetic addition to your home? What if they could also save you money on your taxes and energy bills, while also potentially adding value to your home? That's what we explore with our guests, Kelly and Nic from Columbia Blinds and Shutters of Michigan. They take us on their journey from how their business started in Missouri to their recent venture in Michigan, and share why their personalized approach to window treatments sets them apart in their industry.

You're going to love hearing about their dedication to quality and hands-on approach with clients, from the initial call right through to installation. Kelly and Nic also share some personal insights, including their love for music and their tagline "Shades by day, sunny by night". They open up about the challenges they've overcome, and how their business enables them to have the flexibility they desire. And as a bonus, they enlighten us about a lesser-known benefit of certain window treatments - they qualify for tax rebates. Be prepared to rethink everything you thought you knew about window treatments as Kelly and Nic bring a fresh perspective to this often overlooked home improvement.

blinds and shutters

The best way to shop for custom window treatments is in your home or business! That's why they bring the showroom to you! When it comes to interior shutters, blinds, or shades – they have you covered.

As the factory representative for top brands including Norman and Alta, they design with you and for you to give you exactly what you want and need! AND will never charge for consultation or measurements!

Columbia Blinds and Shutters of Michigan

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